Vtrak - Vehicle Recovery Software 

VTRAK is for operators who are involved in recovery, parking and workshop. It will manage your Recovery/Workshop/Storage business. The system is password protected and functions can be hidden from users who have not been assigned rights. Staff should be given full training so you receive the full benefit of the VTRAK software.

 Vtrak has been used my most of the larger Recovery Companies and will easily manage 50,000 jobs per month, multiple depots and different types of business.

  • Manual or electronic data entry direct from the recovery club (AA, RAC, Green Flag etc.)

  • Progress tracking and in-built audit trail

  • Data transfer to recovery vehicle mobile data terminals

  • Invoice and transfer data forwarding to parking or workshop modules

  • Confirmation to recovery club on completion

  • Wages and commission calculation facility

  • Performance monitors by driver, controller, vehicle and account

  • Recovery

    Jobs can be manually added to the system or can be accepted electronically from the recovery clubs (AA, RAC, Green Flag etc) via a computer interface such as  ANS as supplied by Apex. 

    When a job is added to the system it can be assigned to a driver / vehicle and details of the job can be tracked as it progresses via the inbuilt audit trail. If you use mobile data terminals in the recovery vehicles, job data can be sent to them via the optional MDT module, onscene, complete and outcome details can be sent back to VTRAK from the MDT. Jobs will be automatically updated with this information. If you want to use Anroid od IOS phones, we have developed an App to allow your drivers to manage the jobs from their phones.

    Jobs can be invoiced and / or passed across to the parking or workshop modules to allow further work or storage to be done. Finished job details can be automatically sent back to the recovery club.

    Drivers wages can be calculated of fixed price, commission or percentage values of the recovery job. A performance monitor allows supervisors to see the ETA's and other data regarding individual drivers, vehicles and average ETA times by drivers, controller and account.

    Download our Vtrak guide for a detailed description of the functions and benefits of Vtrak
    Download our Vtrak training guide for Vtrak
    VTRAK PDA & TomTom

    Our PDA systems allow you to send details of a recovery job to your driver and automatically receive information from the driver. Our PDA software will automatically log times and allows your driver to record the customers' signatures against disclaimers and also to send back a damage flatpack image of the vehicle recording any damage on the vehicle. Laser Byte have also linked in with TomTom and were the first company to have an end-to-end automated link enabling jobs to pass seamlessly between the control room and the TomTom.

    Download our Vtrak PDA App Guide
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