About Laser Byte Ltd - Software that works

Laser Byte offers a bespoke programming service where we will design any product for you from scratch.

Normally software houses cannot offer such a service at a cost-effective price. Put simply, the development

 time and costs are too high to allow you to be able to afford to develop your own product.

At Laser Byte we use the latest technology, using Clarion or WinDev to give you the latest software technology. These tools are also highly efficient and allow us to produce innovative, resilient and reliable products at a reasonable cost. We provide affordable, cost effective solutions for companies.

ROI is important to all businesses - Our systems have pay back period of months – not years.

Laser Byte was established in 1983 and is primarily a software design house. We design software to fit the needs of anyone from a single person company through to a multi national organisation. We design specific applications to suit your specific requirements. Throughout our history we have been first to market with many technologies - World leading. We have developed a number of vertical market products, for the membership market, vehicle rental and vehicle recovery. In addition we have developed many different systems including:

  • Catering planning and billing system for The Royal Opera House
  • Direct debitting system for The BMA
  • Flight simulator project management systems
  • International private jet booking systems.
  • Crate building software for international and specialised freight. 

If you have a technical problem that you want to solve using computers, then we can provide a solution.          


Laser Byte also offers a wide range of services to deal with all aspects of computer systems. A total service for a total effective computer solution. Whether it be designing, installation, training, development, maintenance, backup, support or consultancy, Laser Byte can offer you a complete service.


Tel: 01342 313694   |    Mob: 07887 891962   |      email: info@laserbyte.com

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