New: The Essentials Range

It is our belief that computer systems are often not used for their designed purpose, under utilised or just plainly badly designed. The savings that we all expect to make, by using I.T., very often fail to be achieved because I.T. is only beneficial for two main types of applications within businesses:

  • Firstly, if you can automate all of a business then I.T. helps enormously.Normally it is easy to cost-justify such applications because they save far more than they cost and enjoy economies of scale. The savings can be widespread. Thus, very well engineered I.T. can be the driving force for a company's identity and ethos. Examples of this are big stock control/retailing systems as used by companies such as Tesco, Argos, Amazon or even Tracs or Vtrak. All of these products are used to run businesses and they do it very cost-effectively.
  • Secondly, many companies will use programs like spreadsheets in order to computerise small areas of their business. This can be very useful to the individual who designs the spreadsheet to do what they want. But this has no corporate identity and the spreadsheets do what individuals want, and not, necessarily, what the company needs.Sometimes, what one person wants isn't the same as the corporate requirement. Not everyone sings from the same hymn sheet! And this is where the hiccup occurs..... the large system is too large to appeal to the individual, and is often run by people more intent on furthering their own careers in the I.T. structure of the company, than satisfying the needs of a small group of staff. To develop a mini-application to satisfy a particular person or group is not cost effective, and so doesn't happen.

The Essentials Range can best be described as office productivity tools. They are intended to be small, simple tools that allow you to perform the tasks that most companies have to perform. The Essentials Range is designed to replace the spreadsheet with a structured solution. You don't have to mess about with spreadsheets when you use our Essentials range. The products are self-contained, simple and very cost effective. For most companies, each essentials product is less than the cost of setting up a spreadsheet, and being structured, means that they are easier and safer to use than spreadsheets.


A simple program designed to help you manage company cars. It will tell you who has used the car, how many miles it has done, who it is insured with, what services it had. It is a small system, but is based on our car rental system technology, and so can cope with fleets of thousands of cars. In reality, we would expect most users to have fleets between one and 10 cars.


A simple program for recording petty cash. You can pay off petty cash by issuing a payment to the person owed the money, and you can even produce VAT-reconciled and nominally analysed report of your petty cash expense.

Each Essentials range product costs around £150.00 . . . a price that is difficult to ignore.
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