Bespoke Programming

Laser Byte offers a bespoke programming service where we will design any product for you from scratch.

Normally software houses cannot offer such a service at a cost-effective price. Put simply, the development time and costs are too high to allow you to be able to afford to develop your own product.

At Laser Byte we use the latest technology, using Clarion or WinDev to give you the latest software technology. We are also experts at designing SQL databases, which give you virtually limitless growth path for your systems and data, coupled to high data retrieval speed. 

These tools are also highly efficient and allow us to produce resilient and reliable products for reasonable cost.

Bespoke Services

Laser Byte offer a wide range of services across all aspects of I.T.               

  •               Design          
  •               Installation          
  •               Training          
  •               Development          
  •               Maintenance          
  •               Back-up          
  •               Support          
  •               Consultancy          
  •               A complete service 
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